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About Counselling

It is preferable to begin counselling on a weekly basis but this is tailored to suit you and your individual needs and can be discussed at our first meeting, there is no "one size fits all" in counselling. There is much evidence that shows committing to something for four weeks increases the likelihood of creating behavioural change.

I do offer, where available, reduced fee spaces for those on low incomes and for student counsellors so do please ask if this is the case. I am very aware that during this current time of economic uncertainty the expense of counselling could mean you are very much in need but unable to afford it.

Life can be extremely hard and overwhelming at times creating very unpleasant symptoms, thoughts and feelings. These feelings are often normal responses to the distress being felt but sometimes they simply won't go away. This can distress you further when life feels out of your control. Sometimes however there will be no definitive event just an awareness that all is not well for you. Even in the most loving and caring relationships, and seemingly most supportive of environments, it is still possible to feel invisible and not heard.

I won't offer advice or instruct you what to do but allow you a peaceful and comfortable space and support you in finding a way forward to explore what is happening to you and for you to be heard in complete confidence and without judgement. Many clients comment that they feel they have been truly listened to for the first time in their life when they enter into counselling.

If you looking for a counsellor in or near Ashford in Kent and would like more information please do contact me, by phone, text or email and I will aim to contact you within 24 hours. Counselling can provide you with the tools you need to explore, learn and ultimately make positive changes to your life.

What Conditions Can it Help?

Many conditions can arise after events such as bereavement, illness and trauma, there may be a concern about an addiction or family and relationship problems. Your work life could be creating stress for you, perhaps you feel bullied or unfairly treated or simply stuck with no idea of how to change path. You may have experienced physical, mental or sexual abuse or be in a violent relationship. These can affect you in many different ways creating anxiety, depression, insomnia, low mood for example. The list of responses to traumatic or unpleasant events is infinite.

What Benefits can be Expected?

The purpose of humanistic counselling is to enable personal growth and self development. It can then help you to improve your quality of life, increase resilience and lead to empowerment. On an everyday basis it can reduce anxious feelings and thoughts, help with decision making and dealing with changes that you may be finding uncomfortable. Ultimately it can be your journey towards becoming the person you truly wish to be.

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