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Counselling and Therapy in Ashford

My name is Leigh Munday and I am a qualified humanistic counsellor, registered with the BACP and in the process of working towards accreditation. I am based in Ashford Kent, which is within easy reach of Canterbury, Folkestone and Tenterden. I am completely dedicated to my work as a humanistic counsellor. I have worked in a therapeutic environment for over 25 years before qualifying as a counsellor. During this time I have learnt a huge amount about how people are affected by many troubling issues and worries that often feel unmanageable. Being aware of, and witnessing, the many differing responses and reactions that can occur I have also seen the confidence gained from tackling such issues.

I am committed to providing you with counselling in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. Very often it can feel too difficult to confide in those closest to you, you may feel it will create further worry or that you don't wish to burden others or you simply feel embarrassed. You continue holding on to unpleasant thoughts and anxieties that are distressing you. This is why it is so important for you to feel at ease with me as this enables you to explore and discuss those issues freely and openly without fearing ridicule or judgment. My sole intention is to enable you to relax and go on to form a supportive working relationship that empowers you to make positive change in your life whilst addressing the obstacles that may have prevented this.

If anxiety, worry and stress are a negative intervention in your everyday life humanistic counselling can be extremely helpful to you. These feelings can also lead to low mood and depression and routine tasks begin to feel very hard to deal with. It is quite possible that you may be experiencing panic attacks, feel extremely tired and are not sleeping well whether too little or too much. Anxiety can feel all consuming and impossible to be free from. This in turn leads to further worry and the cycle continues. Your work life may be negatively affected as well as your personal life. You may have a feeling of hopelessness and the future feels scary and unwelcome. Perhaps you feel irritated and angry and don't understand why. There seems to be "no light at the end of the tunnel". You may feel that life just has to be this way and change is impossible. Many clients report a sense of "freedom" when they begin to unburden themselves during their counselling sessions. There begins a noticeable change and improvements to physical and emotional wellbeing are recognised.

If you are reading this it is an acknowledgment that life is difficult for you at the moment and you have taken that step towards seeking help. However, It may be that someone close to you is causing concern and you are looking on their behalf. As a humanistic counsellor I can help to explore with you what is happening, and sometimes why, and encourage and support you in dealing with the issues that are distressing you. It takes courage to acknowledge the need for change and determination to make the decision to begin counselling therapy, that first step can be very daunting and hard to make. It is entirely natural to feel apprehensive when you start counselling. However, it may be that you have had previous counselling sometime in the past and you feel the need to return to discuss new and current difficulties.

I offer a reduced fee for an introductory session to give you the opportunity to discover for yourself the potential benefits of humanistic counselling and meet with me. You are under no obligation whatsoever - taking up counselling is entirely your own decision as is the time you devote to it. I am also able to direct you to other services in the Ashford and Canterbury area if there is a need for a different model of counselling.

For some people just a short series of counselling sessions will help whereas others may feel they need longer term therapy. I do believe however that it is important in establishing an effective working relationship to be prepared to commit to attending on a weekly basis for the first 4 - 6 weeks of your counselling. I work on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully by reducing anxiety and creating positive change. I work with people from age 16 years and no upper age limit. It can sometimes take many years before a person recognises the need to deal with long standing issues, or that they feel able and ready to. If you are feeling fragile, often sad or worrying about an uncertain future humanistic counselling can empower you to re-focus and bring perspective to your life.

I am able to help people who may be experiencing distress from, or difficulties with, one or more of the following :

Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Bereavement and Loss
Separation and Divorce
Domestic Abuse
Panic Attacks
Eating Disorders
Illness and Disability
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Work Related Stress

My counselling practice is in Kingsnorth on the outskirts of Ashford, 5 minutes drive from Ashford International Station and easily accessible from the M20 motorway linking to Folkestone and Maidstone and an easy drive to Canterbury and Tenterden. There is an excellent bus service to the station and into town that runs every 6 - 7 minutes (look for Little and Often Buses). I am based in a very quiet location with no passing traffic and space to park. I work Monday to Friday, including some evenings and the weekend in exceptional circumstances.

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